Koko Art

Koko Art is a brand specialising in hand painted shoes. The company was founded in 2010 in Camden Town they are a group of qualified artists from different countries and backgrounds, each one with his own style and passionate about painting.

Koko Art contacted us to revamp their entire ecommerce offering & branding with a way for customers to truly customise their shoes online. We designed them a new logo, created a branding guidelines and built the design of the site around this new style. We also used a series of apps to allow customers to mix styles and choose their designs to go on their shoes or clothing. 

Since the new website was launched Koko Art have a sales channel which brings in a large portion of their revenue, and with the low costs of operating a shopify store they are enjoying a much more comfortable profit on those sales.


Atheer Albaki 


"Really good service. Petros at eBIZBIZ completely redesigned our store, created us a new logo and completely overhauled our branding. It's looking amazing and sales are really soaring since the work was done."

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